The original concept for my assemblage sculpture was to create a commemorative piece to  my father's life.  The idea for the series began when I was cleaning out his garage workshop and made my way through mounds and mounds of found objects.  I found a wide variety of automotive parts, whole and broken tools, meat hooks from his butcher shops, chain, screening, and many an article that I could not identify.  The item's prior usage was not important to me for my purposes. 

All of my assemblage work is constructed very intuitively.  There are no preliminary sketches.  My sculptures are constructed collections of found steel objects.  It is my intention to make the viewer contemplate ordinary objects with a new vision. 

My paintings are also very intuitive.  They combine paint, color, and texture.  They have to be tactile.  I use “Action Painting” techniques and all of my paintings are “non-representational”.  I  want them to convey energy and emotion and draw the viewer into the artwork.  At times I incorporate other objects in with the paint to achieve the desired effect.  My three dimensional background comes through in the textures.  My background in textiles is evident in my use of color and texture combinations. 

The sculptures and paintings are not intended to represent any specific pictorial image.  The sculptures are intended to transform commonplace objects into a remarkable symphony of colors and shapes.  I hope both my sculptures and paintings bring a smile to the face and a bit of joy into the lives that they touch, charming and delighting the viewer’s sensibilities.


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